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Sport & fitness

Sport keeps you fit, helps you lead a balanced lifestyle and gives you a splendid opportunity to have fun and make new friends.

The Department of Physical Education offers a wide range of sporting opportunities for the Second and the Third Faculty of Medicine. As a student, you can choose activities you like in the form of optional subjects every semester or season, or you can become a member of VSK Medik, a sporting organisation that covers a large portion of the courses and workshops.

Every sporting course is taught at a beginner and advanced level, so you do not have to be trained or experienced to participate; it is open to everyone who has a positive approach to exercise and fitness.


Our priorities

As we are a faculty of medicine, our courses pay a large attention also to the medical aspect (e.g. disease-prevention effects) of motoric activities. This helps you, as a future doctor, to be better prepared to reflect sporting activities from the point of view of their indication or contraindication in patients.

Photo: Golf Hostivař

Our sporting facilities

Sporting courses take place mainly at the modern Charles University Sports Centre in Hostivař, which offers halls, a gym and other facilities for various sports including football and other ball games, tennis, swimming, softball, aerobic and others.

Besides the University's own facilities, we also make use of some of the special sports venues in Prague. The most attractive are the Hostivař Golf Centre (Golf Hostivař), the Žižkov Contact Sport Centre (Centrum kontaktních sportů Žižkov), the Esquo Squash Centre in Strahov (Esquo – squashcentrum Strahov) and the climbing wall in the ČVUT ‘Pod Juliskou’ Sports Centre.

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Team sports and games

You can choose from numerous games. There are ball classics such as basketball, football or volleyball. In addition, there are favourites such as tennis, golf or frisbee ultimate that has in recent years become a very popular and widespread sport in the Czech Republic, and some rarer sports like softball or footsal. Whether a particular sporting course opens in a given semester, depends on the number of people interested.

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The Žižkov Contact Sport Centre.

Individual sports

The offer of individual sports comprises, among others, workouts, aerobics, track and fields and fitness training, including several kinds of swimming sports.


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Summer & winter sporting courses

Winter sporting courses focus on teaching downhill skiing and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and ski touring. Courses take place both in ski resorts in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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Summer sporting courses take place in the countryside, in the mountain or river localities of the Czech Republic and abroad. You can choose from a vast variety of sporting activities: water tourism (touring), cyclotourism, mountain hiking (scrambling), rock climbing, canoeing with traditional camping, and rafting, to mention the most popular.

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University championships and sporting competitions

Among our students there are many outstanding athletes who represent the University and the Faculty. Our students regularly receive awards in various competitions and championships in swimming and other disciplines.