Dean's Provision No. 1/2011

Validity: 1. 2. 2011
Effective from: 1. 2. 2011

Dean's Provision No. 1/2011


  1. The head teacher of each subject sets the number of absences from the compulsory portions of instruction that are pardonable due to illness or for other compelling reasons. On the basis of mutual trust, it is not necessary to provide written proof of the reason for the absence. The extent of such absences must not exceed 20 % of instruction for the respective subject.
  2. The reason for any further absence must be documented (medical confirmation, or other confirmation of extraordinary events) and this document must be delivered to the head teacher of the subject who will evaluate it and determine what further steps are to be taken. The head teacher of the subject is obliged to store these documents until the end of instruction of the student in the respective field, and then to turn them over together with the exam result (credit) to the Studies Department where they will be archived in the documentation of the student.
  3. Documented and pardoned absences must be duly made up according to the directions of the head teacher of the subject field. If it is not possible to make up for the instruction or if the extent of the absences is greater than 30 % of compulsory instruction, it is necessary to consult the vice dean appropriate to the studies to arrange for further action, e.g. an individual study plan.
  4. Heads are obliged to make public on their web pages the maximum percentage of pardonable absences (see point 1), and the way in which documented pardonable absences can be made up (see point 3). This must be done by the beginning of the semester at the latest (starting with summer semester 2010/11).
  5. Preterm exams may only be scheduled following the completion of 80 % of instruction for the subject. Sitting an exam as a preterm requires the approval of the respective instructor (recommendation) and the head of the subject field (definitive approval), and is decided on an individual basis.
  6. The limitations in point 5 do not apply to exams which document acquired knowledge from previous studies elsewhere (e.g. the exam for English Medical Terminology) – such exams have their preterm date approved by the heads of the Faculty and this information is made public on the web pages of the Faculty. The restrictions of point 5 likewise do not apply to placement exams permitted by the Vice Dean of Studies or the Dean.
  7. This Provision comes into effect on 1. 2. 2011 and fully replaces Provision No. 11/2010.
Published: 27. 1. 2011 / Responsible person: Renata Habětínová