Dean's Provision No. 12/2017

Validity: academic year 2017/18
Effective from: 5. 9. 2017

Dean's Provision No. 12/2017
Enrolment in elective courses in the academic year 2017/18

Article I
Introductory provisions

In the academic year 2017/18, the enrolment and registration for elective courses (EC) offered at Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University (2. LF UK) is two-fold.

Pre-registration (application) for EC will be done electronically via the Student Information System (SIS) and a binding enrolment in the course will then be confirmed in the Index of the student by the Study Department Staff.

Article II
Pre-registration (electronic application) for elective courses via SIS

  1. The pre-registration for all elective courses in the academic year 2017/18 will be open in SIS on the following dates:
    • For winter semester courses from 18. 9. 2017 (from 7.00 p.m.) to 1. 10. 2017 (till 11.59 p.m.)
    • For summer semester from 12. 2. 2018 (from 7.00 p.m.) to 18. 2. 2018 (till 11.59 p.m.)
    Their DVxyzzz code is shown in the following table:
    D Always D Identifier for 2. LF UK
    V Always V Identifier for elective course (EC)
    x 0 (‘zero’) For EC taught in Czech
    A For EC taught in English
    y 1 EC offered for General Medicine
    3 EC offered for Bc. in Physiotherapy
    7 EC offered for NMgr. In Physiotherapy
    9 EC offered for General Nursing
    0 EC offered for multiple study programs at 2. LF UK
    zzz   Three-digit course serial code
  2. Each student can apply for up to four elective courses at the same time. (The system will automatically prevent students from applying for additional EC).
  3. The system will allow to register for each EC until the course has reached the maximum capacity as marked in its timetable.

  4. The electronic registration is considered to be preliminary and not binding until the student gets their enrolment confirmed in their Index. If student decides not to attend the preliminarily selected course, it is possible to cancel the preregistration until the enrolment in EC is marked in the student’s Index.

Article III
Binding enrolment in EC

  1. Students are obliged to have the electronically preregistered EC entered into their Indexes as mandatory subjects by the Study Department. From that moment these courses become mandatory requirements of the student in the given year of study.
  2. EC can be entered into the student’s Index at the Study Department at any time during business hours from 9. 10. 2017 to 31. 10. 2017 for winter semester and from 12. 2. 2018 to 28. 2. 2018 for summer semester. Study Department staff will enter the EC in the Index and change its preliminary status to binding in SIS.
  3. It is essential that before visiting the Study Department each student removes from SIS all preliminary courses that they do not wish to make mandatory.

Article IV
Effective date and validity term of this provision

  1. Dean's Provision No. 10/2016 is cancelled.
  2. This Dean's provision is valid for the academic year 2017/18 and comes into effect on the day it is signed by the Dean.

In Prague on September 5, 2017

prof. MUDr. Vladimír Komárek, CSc.

Published: 8. 9. 2017 / Responsible person: Marie Havlová