Dean's Provisions No. 1/2010

Validity: 8. 2. 2010
Effective from: 8. 2. 2010

Prague, 8 February, 2010

Dean's Provisions No. 1/2010

regarding electronic registration for examinations

The Head Of Subject or a person given authorisation therefrom, may define a preferred group of students for a specific examination date.

A student belonging to the preferred group* has precedence in registering for the State Final Exam or other exams and is allowed to do so within 5 days from receiving permission for the former, and 2 days for the latter.

Should a student not belonging to the preferred group register within the time limit, he/she will be crossed off the list by an employee of the clinic and/or department without prior warning.

Other students (not belonging to the preferred group) may register for the examination only after the timelimits stated above.
* A preferred group is a group of students listed by the department/clinic in the footnote to the examination date announcement.
This Dean's Regulation comes into force on 8 February, 2010.

doc. MUDr. Ondřej Hrušák, Ph.D., v. r.

Published: 8. 2. 2010 / Responsible person: Renata Habětínová