Dean's Provisions No. 7/2015

Validity: 21. 4. 2015
Effective from: 21. 4. 2015

Dean's Provision No. 7/2015
concerning the right of an applicant to inspect his/her documentation decisive of his/her admission to studies.

In accordance with Provision 50, Paragraph 6 of Act No. 111/98 Coll. about tertiary educational institutions and Article 10 of Appendix No. 5 of the Statutes of Charles University in Prague, I provide that:

  1. The right to inspect the documentation of an applicant for studies at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine decisive of his/her admission to studies is had only by the applicant who, prior to the inspection of the documentation itself, proves his/her identity to an authorized Faculty employee with a citizenship card, passport or an analogous EU identification card (with photograph). Other persons are excluded from inspecting documentation. Establishing the identity of the applicant other than by citizenship card, passport or an analogous EU identification card (with photograph) is not admissible.
  2. The inspection of documentation according to the terms set out in Appendix No. 5 of the Statutes of Charles University in Prague will be rendered to an applicant who makes a written request to the Faculty which adheres to the terms concerning inspection of his/her documentation. The date and time to inspect the documentation will be published at the Faculty´s website.
  3. The applicant may inspect documentation on the day and at the time set by the Faculty exclusively in the Conference Room of the Faculty (in the case of a low number of interested parties, in the Office of the Head of the Studies Department) and only in the presence of an authorized employee of the Studies Department.

The Provision comes into effect on 21st April 2015
Dean´s Provision No. 2/2014 from 8th April 2014 is cancelled

Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Komárek, CSc.
Dean of the Faculty


Extract from Appendix No. 5 of the Statutes of Charles University in Prague – Admission Procedure


Article 10
The right of an applicant to inspect his/her documentation

  1. An applicant has the right to request inspection of all of his/her documentation relevant to the decision on his/her admission to studies within one month of the day of delivery of the decision of the Dean according to Article 9; this deadline does not run from the day of submitting a request for review of the Dean's decision to the tenth day following the day when delivery of the decision of the review process was delivered; the Faculty will enable the applicant this inspection at the latest within two months from the day when the inspection was requested. If the applicant however requests inspection within 7 days from the day of delivery of the Dean's decision in accordance with Article 9, the Faculty will enable this inspection within 28 days from the day of delivery of this decision.
  2. Under the term
    1. ‘to inspect’ it is understood to read through this documentation and take notes,
    2. ‘documentation’ means all documents that formed a part of the application; further, texts of all written tests elaborated by the applicant including the questions, written evaluations of the applicant by examiners or their formalized notes if kept by the Faculty including the evaluation of all forms of examination, the record of the entrance examination, list of standing and other in accordance with Faculty regulations.
  3. The documentation may be inspected only by the applicant and only in the areas of the Faculty reserved for this purpose in the presence of an employee authorized by the Dean.
  4. For inspection of documentation according to Paragraph 1, suitable conditions must be provided and adequate time set which must not be shorter than 45 minutes.
  5. In place of the procedure set out in Paragraphs 2 to 4, applicants may receive copies of the requested documentation provided it is listed in Paragraph 2, Part b); the Faculty will always release copies if it is not able to adhere to the time-limits referred to in Paragraph 1.
  6. Organizationally administrative requirements are set out in the Provision of the Dean which is made public on the notice board of the Faculty.
Published: 23. 4. 2015 / Responsible person: Marie Havlová