Enrollments in the 1st year of doctoral studies

The regular date of enrollment in the 1st years of doctoral study programmes will take place on September 21, 2021 from 2 pm to 3 pm in the premises of the Motol University Hospital, V Úvalu 84, Prague 5 (block H, lower ground floor, Department for PhD Study, office no. 005). Entrance from the metro is straight to the end of the corridor, then go up the stairs two floors below.

If the applicant is unable to attend the enrollment deadline, it is possible to request an alternative date by e-mail, which will take place on October 5, 2021 from 2 pm to 3 pm in the premises of the Motol University Hospital, V Úvalu 84, Prague 5 (block H, lower ground floor, Department for PhD Study, office no. 005), or applicant´s registration may be made by another person on the basis of a power of attorney. Bring with you:

  • ID card (foreigners with passport instead)
  • residence permit (only foreigners with a visa requirement)
  • passport-size photo for index
  • writing accessories
  • printed and signed matriculation oath
  • printed and signed registration sheet generated from Study Information System (SIS) according to these quidelines
  • proof of completed higher education (copy of diploma and diploma supplement) or proof of recognition of education (in case the applicant has completed higher education abroad), if it was not already part of the application

In the case of not having a diploma and a diploma supplement at the time of enrollment, bring a document proving the regular completion of study, which is an adequate proof of obtaining a master's degree. You will have to deliver a copy of the diploma and the supplement to us after graduation. Applicants for nostrification are reminded that if they do not submit all the all prescribed requirements for enrollment they cannot be enrolled in the study.

It is possible to download the study confirmation, fill it in, print the required number of copies and bring it with you for enrollment. Therefore you will not have to fill in the confirmation manually during registration.

As a future CU student you will definitely need a Charles University Card (student identity card) which you can pick up at the Charles University (CU) Card Service at the Charles University Point. More information on issuing identity cards can be found here.

Study information:

  • We recommend that you carefully read the essential information about doctoral study.
  • The student is obliged to keep up-to-date personal data in the SIS, ie primarily the permanent address as well as the delivery address, e-mail, mobile phone and bank account number.
  • Consult your supervisor for all study activities.
  • The student's first duty is to prepare a so-called Individual Study Plan (ISP) in cooperation with the supervisor, which must contain information on planned study obligations, subjects, internships, conferences and the dissertation project.

The dissertation thesis should include the following points:

  • problem formulation and definition of the topic
  • literature review
  • objectives of the work, scientific questions, hypothesis
  • methodology
  • research file (data source)
  • research methods
  • organization of data collection
  • data processing
  • intended use of the results
  • time schedule
  • references
The ISP and the dissertation project are entered by the student into the SIS. Student then sends the plan to the supervisor (again only in the SIS) who approves it and pass the plan to the subject area board.

The deadline for entering the ISP into the SIS and sending it to the supervisor is two months from the beginning of the academic year, ie by November 30, 2021Failure to meet the deadline is assessed as non-fulfillment of study obligations and the student's studies will be terminated.

After enrollment, students and supervisors will be e-mailed a manual on how to insert an ISP into the SIS. To log in to the SIS, you need a Charles University Card (see information above). Without this card, you will not have access to the SIS and therefore will not be able to set up an ISP. 

Please be aware that the access to the SIS and thus the creation of the ISP is only possible from October 1, 2021. The system will not be open until the new academic year.

Everything needed such as forms (study confirmations), requirements of subject area boards, etc., can be found on the faculty's website (Ph.D. study tab). The information is continuously updated to comply with applicable regulations, including GDPR.

PhDr. Marta Hrušková
Head of Department for PhD Study
phone: +420 224 435 845


ThDr. Jitka Sykorová, Ph.D.
Officer for PhD Study
phone: +420 224 435 836
Published: 4. 8. 2021 / Last update: 4. 8. 2021 / Responsible person: ThDr. Jitka Sýkorová, Ph.D.