Global Expert Event: Innovations in Fetal Therapy

LUMC Global and Leiden University Medical Center’s Fetal Therapy department will host an online expert event on Innovations in Fetal Therapy. It will take place on 15 April 2021, between 3.30 p. m. and 6.00 p. m.


  • 15.30 Welcome
  • 15.35 Prof. Roland Devlieger, (UZ Leuven) – Fetoscopic treatment of fetal spina bifida
  • 16.00 Dr. Monique Haak, (LUMC) – Fetal Cardiac Interventions
  • 16.25 Prof. Dick Oepkes, (LUMC) – Monoclonal FcRN-blocker to prevent allo-immune hemolytic disease of the fetus.
  • 17.05 Prof. Anna David, (University College London) – Fetal stem cell treatment for Osteogenesis Imperfecta
  • 17.30 Prof. Tippi MacKenzie, (University of California San Francisco) – In utero stem cell & enzyme replacement therapy
  • 17.55 End discussion

This expert event will showcase the latest innovations in the field of Fetal Therapy. It also aims to boost international collaborations and build a community to improve the care for the tiniest of patients.

Registration is for free here.

More information here.

Published: 22. 2. 2021 / Last update: 22. 2. 2021 / Responsible person: Ing. Pavla Byrne