Students in their Final Year May Come to the Faculty

The emergency measure from the Ministry of Health from 15 April 2020 allows for the presence of students in their last year of studies at their faculties.

The current ban on students’ personal presence now allows for individual visits to libraries and study rooms for the purpose of picking up or return of study literature, and for the personal presence of students in the final year of study:

  • at consultations or testing in the presence of no more than five people,
  • for laboratory, experimental or artistic work, especially for the realisation of final theses within the framework of study in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral study programs, in the presence of no more than five people,
  • for clinical and practical education and internships.

Students may participate in the aforementioned forms of teaching, examination or other activities at the university only if they meet the following conditions:

  • are not experiencing any health issues that indicate viral infection (for example a fever, cough, breathlessness, abrupt loss of taste and smell, etc.),
  • disinfect their hands upon entrance to the testing room (the disinfectant is provided by the university),
  • are not currently under a required quarantine order,
  • Provide a written affidavit confirming they have not experienced any symptoms of viral infection over the period of the last two weeks.

The affidavit can be downloaded here (doc, 27 Kb).

The emergency measure from the Ministry of Health on 15 April 2020 also provides for exceptions to the ban on free movement. Travel to attend courses, examinations, or other activities at higher education institutions which are exempted by the aforementioned emergency measure is now permitted.

Published: 16. 4. 2020 / Last update: 16. 4. 2020 / Responsible person: Mgr. Ing. Tereza Kůstková